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Current Services & How to Participate

How to get involved:

See a group project you'd like to participate in? PLEASE let us know so we can plan effectively; ie. timing, tools, expectations, etc. Call Kim Hodge at 248-424-7455 or email her at Hodgekim@sbcglobal.net

Do you have a project you need help with and aren't sure what it would take or how to get started? Call our group project coordinator, Frank Selinsky, at 248-318-4910 or email him at fselinsk@peoplepc.com

What are your neighbors asking for or offering?

Check out the latest requests and offers below. Check back often, as requests with deadlines will change each month. If you can help out with a request, or you see an offer that would really help you, please log in to our TimeBank and contact the offering/requesting member to get more information. Login and start connecting with your neighbors!

See the complete Service List here! (remember you still have to log in to contact members!)